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Sandalwood, Australian Organic 2ml

Sandalwood, Australian Organic 2ml


Santalum spicatum, Warm, deep, soft, dry, woody (greener, not as sweet as album).Essential oil of Sandalwood Australian is extracted from a small evergreen tree that grows on sustainable plantations as a renewable resource in Western Australia. The tree produces essential oil at about 10 years of age but the best oil comes from trees about 25 years old. Sandalwood, Australia is considered an environmentally friendly substitute for Sandalwood, India and is equal in its application.Treats bronchitis, dry coughs, laryngitis, and sore throats. Fights respiratory infections and relieves muscle spasms and pain. Soothes and relieves inflammation. Good for dry, dehydrated skin. Has been traditionally used as a topical medicine.Sandalwood, Australian is considered to have higher antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties than Sandalwood, India. Deeply relaxes and calms. Relieves stress, anxiety, and tension. Relieves mild depression. Useful for insomnia. Has aphrodisiac properties and promotes emotional warmth. Supports healing. Calms and comforts. Grounds. Helps to open the heart to trust. Promotes meditative states. Promotes wisdom. Encourages states of higher consciousness.

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