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Backnobber ll, Magenta

Backnobber ll, Magenta


A deep-muscle massage tool, it was designed to help manage chronic muscular discomfort, whether stress-related or from injury or a condition like arthritis and bursitis. Its unique "S" shape provides access to all those tight, painful knots. Just hook the Backnobber over your shoulder or under your arm and press one of its ends into any of the muscles or the upper or lower back or neck. Feel the release! Using this simple device, you can treat your own or another's muscular aches and pains. If you have a serious underlying injury or illness, though, or if pain persists or new symptoms appear, consult your doctor. The Backnobber comes with a fully illustrated 36 page User's Guide that gives stretching and strengthening exercises. Made of a very durable polymer composite.

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