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Curry Powder, Organic 1oz

Curry Powder, Organic 1oz


This delicious spice blend evokes the depth and richness of Indian cuisine and deeply enriches the epicurean experience. Colorful, fragrant and incredibly rich, this blend may be used in most dishes requiring a complex flavor including rice, tofu, meats, and other grains.

Our supplier has 2 varieties that they send depending on which is available.

Blend 1 contains organic Coriander, organic Turmeric, organic Fenugreek, organic Ginger, organic Mustard Seed, organic Black Pepper, organic Cayenne, and organic spices. Salt-free

Blend 2 is not salt-free. This blend contains all organic coriander, turmeric root, cumin, sea salt, fenugreek, cayenne, cardamom, clove and nutmeg.

If you need to know which blend we have in stock, please call us at 707-822-5296 or email us at

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