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Ginkgo Leaf, Organic 1oz.

Ginkgo Leaf, Organic 1oz.


Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo can be used to improve circulation. It increases the blood supply to all tissues of the body, including the extremities, the skin, the heart, the brain, and other vital organs. Due to the increase in blood supply to the brain, ginkgo can be used to treat cerebral insufficiency which may adversely affect memory, equilibrium, balance, concentration, and vision. Ginkgo can also be used specifically in treating cases of Alzheimer’s disease. Other symptoms or conditions that may be helped by taking ginkgo include the following: headaches, depression, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), vertigo, glaucoma, mental confusion, and impaired vision. Studies have shown that ginkgo improves mental alertness, mood, and memory. Due to ginkgo’s ability to prevent normal blood clotting, it may be helpful in preventing strokes.

**Contraindications: ginkgo has blood-thinning actions. Avoid taking ginkgo for two weeks before surgery and for one week following surgery. Consult and / or monitor with a health care practitioner before taking ginkgo in combination with other blood-thinning medications.**

This information was written by Christa Sinadinos. It is not meant to diagnose or prescribe. Please consult with your health practitioner for serious health conditions, or before combining herbs with prescription or over-the-counter medications.

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