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Lover's Delight Tea Sampler

Lover's Delight Tea Sampler


This luscious sampler contains a wonderful selection of teas to tantalize your tastebuds and get you in the mood for love!
*Luscious Love Tea: Damiana leaf, Cinnamon chips, Peppermint leaf, Orange peel, Ginger root, Cacao nibs, Kava kava root, and Rose petals
*Velvet Tea: Rooibos, Mint leaf, Chocolate shavings, and Vanilla
*Garden of Eden: Black tea blended with tropical flowers and flavors
*Male Vitali-Tea: Sassafras root, Licorice root, Ginger root, Orange peel, Marshmallow root, Sarsparilla root, Cinnamon chips, Eleuthro root, American Ginseng root, Saw Palmetto berry.
Peaceful Tea: Chamomile, Spearmint leaf, Passionflower leaf, Lemongrass, Skullcap leaf, Rose petals, Lavender, Catnip leaf, Stevia leaf
*Happy Tea: Guayusa leaf, Green tea, Green Rooibos, Rosehips, Apple, Strawberry
*White Coconut Creme: White Peony leaf, Cornflower, Safflower, Coconut bits, Essence of coconut
*Throat Coat Tea: Licorice root, Wild Cherry bark, Slippery Elm bark, Marshmallow root, Cinnamon chips, Fennel seed, Ginger root, Echinacea purpurea, Sassafras root
*Smoking Mix: Mullein leaf, Coltsfoot leaf, Yerba Santa leaf, Garden sage leaf, Peppermint leaf, Damiana leaf