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Shanthimalai NAG CHAMPA 15 gram

Shanthimalai NAG CHAMPA 15 gram


Your purchase of Shanthimalai Nag Champa directly benefits village women trained in the art of creating incense sticks through Shanthimalai Research & Development Trust. A public charitable organization, the Trust serves the inhabitants of a culturally rich but impoverished region of Tamil Nadu, south India. Projects fostered by the Trust offer training and employment for widows, abandoned mothers and handicapped or unmarried women who previously could hope to find work only as heavy field or construction laborers.

A substantial portion of revenue of sales of Shanthimalai Incense is donated to the Trust, which builds community centers offering health care, vocational training, and extensive women's programs. Other activities include a comprehensive educational program for local children, a model farm, a medicinal plants conservation park, and community development projects in over 40 villages.