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Wild Yam Root (Dioscorea opposita), Wildcrafted 1oz

Wild Yam Root (Dioscorea opposita), Wildcrafted 1oz


Dioscorea opposita

Also called "Chinese Yam", exhibits similar medicinal actions as the villosa variety but has a host of other actions according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

"Shanyao exhibits six major functions:

  • Nourish the qi of the taiyin Spleen organ network: rebuild middle burner deficiency and reverse emaciation, increase muscle weight, regulate metabolism (blood sugar, cholesterol).
  •  Boost the qi of the taiyin Lung organ network: expel chronic cold wind, descend qi, transform phlegm, increase immunity. The influential 13th century scholar physician Li Dongyuan classified the white colored Shanyao as a substance that “specifically enters the Hand Taiyin Lung network.” Note that the traditional growing location of Shanyao lies within the territory of the ancient State of Wei, which was associated with Lung function in the alchemical cosmology of ancient China. A writer in the alchemical tradition points out that ingestion of the root can warm the adept’s surface to the degree of “being able to part fog.”
  • Enhance storage of shaoyin Kidney Essence by boosting the Lung in its role as the “upper source of water”: strengthen bone structure, soothe lower back pain, reinforce Kidney jing, treat erectile dysfunction, promote longevity. This function is exemplified by the prominent use of Shanyao in the classic Kidney tonic Shenqi Wan from the Jingui yaolüe. In addition, Shanyao’s nature was classified as “water within metal” in the early decoction classic Tangye jing.
  • Regulate shaoyin Heart function: tonify Heart qi deficiency, calm Heart shen, open the orifice to the Heart, enhance memory. Note that according to the 5th century materia medica Mingyi bielu the traditional growing location of wild Shanyao was China’s sacred central mountain Mt. Song, which was associated with Heart function in the alchemical cosmology of ancient China.
  • Astringe taiyin and shaoyin essences: diarrhea, frequent urination, spermatorrhea, leucorrhea.
  • Cosmetic effect: moisten skin, provide structure to connective tissue."
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