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10 of Cups - Tarot & Tea

Hey there, Moonbeams! It is a blessing to share Tarot & Tea with y’all, as this week’s card is a blessing for all of us. The 10 of Cups overflows into our lives today, carrying with it a flood of happiness. A card of complete and enduring joy, the 10 of Cups represents the type of deep-seated fulfillment that springs from being a part of a loving family. The message of this card is about spending quality time with those dearest to us, experiencing precious moments that make our hearts feel so full that they might just burst. The Motherpeace Round Tarot Deck shows a tribal community rejoicing together beneath a double rainbow as ten waterfalls cascade into the center of their desert community. Joy is always best when shared with others… and it lasts longer that way. 

The absolute perfect tea to reflect the energy of this card is our gorgeous Double Happiness Flowering Tea. These sublime little bundles of joy consist of Green Tea leaves wrapped around two Chrysanthemum flowers, Amaranth globe, and Jasmine flowers. Place a ball of this tea into a clear teapot and watch in wonder as it blooms before your eyes! The tea leaves unfurl in hot water and reveal a colorful little flower garden to delight your senses. This tea is a lovely experience to share with the special folks in your life, and one they will not soon forget!

The Motherpeace Round Tarot Deck is a unique classic with a feminist theme. Developed in the early 1980s, there is a definite vintage vibe to this deck. The unusual round shape of the cards reflects the flowing nature of feminine energy. Bright, almost childlike artwork offers a soulful and vulnerable rendering of the Tarot. This deck reinterprets the traditional royals of the Minor Arcana with the family-centered figures of Shaman, Priestess, Son, and Daughter. The Hermit of the Major Arcana becomes The Crone, and the Hanged Man becomes the Hanged One. The Motherpeace Round Tarot Deck is a great choice for anyone who is fed up with the patriarchy!

Find the Motherpeace tarot here:


And Double Happiness Flowering Tea here:



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