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Astragalus - Herbal Wisdom Wednesday

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Astragalus - Herbal Wisdom Wednesday

Common Name: Astragalus  Latin Name: Astragalus membranaceus  Family Name: Fabaceae  Characteristics: Astragalus likes to grow in sunny, grassy areas and grow between 16 to 36 inches; the flowers are light yellow in color. The root is used medicinally, harvested in spring and fall. Traditionally the root was cut up and dried in the sun.  Constituents: Polysaccharides, Flavonoids and Saponins  The Blurb: Astragalus is an amazing immune booster. Usually found dried in slices, cut and sifted or powdered, it is gentle enough to be taken over a long period of time and a good anti viral. It is also an herb that helps with...

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