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Moonrise Herbs Blog — 10 of Pentacles

Tarot & Tea - 10 of Pentacles

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Tarot & Tea - 10 of Pentacles

Welcome back to Tarot & Tea, folks!  This week's featured card is the 10 of Pentacles or "Wealth" card from the Sun & Moon Tarot by Vanessa de Cort.   This beautiful, playful deck combines the classic Rider-Waite-Smith structure with updated imagery, Thoth deck, Taoist & Kabbalistic influences just to name a few!  It is a very sweet deck and is one of my favorites. Today's card is quite the auspicious one....the upright 10 of Pentacles.  On this card, we see the alchemical symbol for earth at the top and two apparent lovers embracing around the Tree of Life with the 6-pointed star...

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