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Moonrise Herbs Blog — Two of Swords

Peace - Tarot & Tea

Avoidance of Truth Haindl Tarot Precarious Peace tarot Two of Swords

Peace - Tarot & Tea

Hi, Moonbeams! Welcome to Tarot & Tea. Today’s card is the Two of Swords. Although this card has been titled “Peace” by the Haindl Tarot and other decks, beginning with the Thoth Tarot, the interpretation is not particularly peaceful. More so, the presence of this card in a reading reveals the underlying tension of a seemingly serene situation. Indicative of repressed emotions, hidden stress and stifled hunches, the Two of Swords has completely lost touch with the bold truth and clarity embodied by the ace of the suit. The Two of Swords is accompanied by a passive attitude which stems...

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