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Harvest & Medicine-Making: Mugwort & St. John's Wort - #floweressencefriday

floweressence mugwort st. john's wort

Harvest & Medicine-Making: Mugwort & St. John's Wort - #floweressencefriday

Happy Friday, sweet moonbeams and welcome back to #floweressencefriday! Since we are in the season of harvest for so many plants and flowers, we wanted to concentrate on the medicine making of two of our favorite herbs. This is a wonderful time to responsibly harvest St. John's Wort and Mugwort and the oils these Yin & Yang plants make blend beautifully with flower essences to make more complex medicines working on medicinal and energetic levels for the benefit of body and spirit. Below are a few recipes for you to try in conjunction with your flower essence protocol if you...

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