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Ace of Pentacles - Tarot & Tea

Hello and welcome back for Tarot & Tea! This week’s card is the promising Ace of Pentacles. The essence of this card is grounded firmly to the physical plane. When we see it come up, we’re reminded to be practical in our approach to life. Use the tools provided to you to produce tangible results. This is a card of prosperity in the sense of having the resources you need to invest in moving forward. The Ace of Pentacles reminds me of a fat seed just planted into black soil--so much potential for growth in the material world! This card provides the security of a stable foundation. No need to fuss and fret; you are provided for just as long as you stay realistic and are willing to put in the work.


The tea I’ve chosen to match the Ace of Pentacles is Sweet Spearmint. Grounding, potent and prosperous, this blend is perfect for propelling us forward into our potential. Spearmint is a wonderful wealth-drawing herb, while Borage fortifies our courage so that we can unhesitatingly place our trust in divine providence. Lemon Balm, another money herb, is ideal for fresh beginnings. Licorice empowers us while Red Clover brings blessings. Stevia sweetens it all up and acts as a powerful attractant for prosperity and good fortune. Try this sweet tea on ice for some refreshing hydration as you plant your garden!


Our featured deck for this week is pretty unique. Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall boasts a fleshed-out backdrop of an alternate dimension called the Outer Regions where felines represent the spiritual and cultural foundations of society. Each of the traditional Tarot suits, as well as the Major Arcana itself, is embodied by a different civilization of cat worshippers, and every card has at least one cat depicted on it. Tarot of the Cat People is very tastefully done and easy to take seriously. The figures on the cards carry apparent cultural influence of Mongolian and Mayan motifs. As a fun side note, the Ace of Pentacles from this deck has a hilarious little detail that brought a big smile to my face this morning: the royal individual who graces this card is wearing a kitten on her head! Sooo cuuute!!!


Find the Tarot of the Cat People here:


And our Sweet Spearmint Tea here:


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