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Ace of Wands - Tarot & Tea

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Hey there, Moonbeams! I’m Jessika TuCrow and this is Tarot & Tea. It’s exciting to have you here to share in the offer of vast potential we’ve been given by the oracle this week. The Ace of Wands is the singular expression of the Fire element: courage, passion, strength, and inspiration fall into its domain. The Ace of Wands represents the masculine force of creation, an expansive and outward movement. It is energy in its purest essence—a spark. It is potential which has been activated but not yet been given a form. It could be a dream, a desire, or a decision; the Ace of Wands is our will to act. Great enthusiasm accompanies this card and there can be zero hesitation to when we see its face. Although the fight has not yet begun, we already have total confidence in our victory. If this sounds cocky, that's because it could be... even dangerously so. This card is packed with power but now it is going to be our responsibility to manage that potential so that it actually becomes something beneficial rather than tremendously destructive. The Ace of Wands is an invitation to harness the intense energy of fire and direct it towards its highest and best use. Have assurance in your own willpower. Whatever it is that you are truly passionate about, just go for it!

Licorice Spice is the Moonrise tisane to match today’s card. This organic herbal chai is a sweet and spicy treat for a cool Autumn day. Many folks are actually surprised at how powerfully sweet the natural flavor of Licorice root can be. The soothing, demulcent properties of this herb belie its energetic potency as Licorice is among the strongest of all herbs when used in spellcraft. Consider it as the iron fist in the velvet glove. The magickal power of Licorice truly conveys the singularity of will that is present with the Ace of Wands. In fact, the Ace of Wands often makes me think of a big, fat Licorice stick! Our Licorice Spice tea blend also contains Cinnamon, Allspice, Star Anise, Cardamom, Cloves and Ginger. All of these wonderfully warm, energetically stimulating herbs will really light your internal fire but this is a chai tea with zero caffeine, so you can enjoy this aromatic delight at any time of the day or night. In fact, it’s easy to modify this blend for energy or cozy relaxation by adding your favorite loose-leaf black tea or a bit of Kava Kava root, respectively. Licorice acts as an herbal harmonizer, bringing the various components of a formula together in an optimal fashion so this sweet, herbal chai is easy to personalize for your specific needs. Come on into Moonrise and ask one of our awesome team members for help customizing this formula or enjoy this yummy treat just as it is!

The deck I’m working with today is also a sweet treat in its own kinda way. The Spirit Song Tarot by Paulina Cassidy is a colorful, nature-based Tarot deck with a spotlight on animal medicine. Cassidy is a gifted artist and creator of multiple spiritual oracle decks including the whimsical Paulina Tarot. The vivid watercolor and ink illustrations which grace the cards of The Spirit Song Tarot are positively mesmerizing and Paulina Cassidy’s art alone is a great reason to purchase this deck! Beautiful, lifelike animals show delicate detail while the spiritual energy which surrounds them is highlighted in psychedelic swirls.  Each card--both Major and Minor Arcana--simply shows a relatively straightforward depiction of a specific animal, a rather unusual visual format for a Tarot deck. Additionally, a couple of good keywords are printed on every card which makes this deck extremely easy for beginners to use. The suits are re-imagined as Acorns (Wands), Shells (Cups), Crystals (Coins), and Feathers (Swords). The animals assigned to each card are very well-thought-out and accurately reflect the meaning of the card so that this deck is a really fantastic crossover between a Tarot deck and an animal medicine oracle deck. Animal lovers will particularly love this deck and I think it contains a lot of wisdom regarding the spiritual symbolism of the animal kingdom. I give The Spirit Song Tarot my highest recommendation as a unique Tarot deck of superb quality and with broad appeal.


You can find the Spirit Song Tarot here:

And our lovely Licorice Chai blend here:




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