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DIY Herbal Holiday Star "Wreath" Decoration

A beautiful and blessed Wednesday to you, sweet Moonbeams! As we are in the midst of the winter holidays (Happy Hanukkah!), we thought it would be lovely to share a DIY herbal star "wreath" could be a nice addition to your holiday decorating. The beauty of this design is that it can be decorated with many of your favorite herbs and is appropriate for many different holiday traditions.
The original idea comes to us from Holly at Avenue Lifestyle, but we encourage you to use whatever fresh herbal (Rosemary works wonderfully and Eucalyptus or Bay leaves are available year round), floral (dried Yarrow flower sprigs, Jasmine or even berries are nice!) or evergreen pieces you feel work best!
You will need:
-6 Sturdy twigs of roughly equal size
-Florist wire or twine
-Wire cutters or scissors
-Greenery of your choice
1. Align 3 twigs in a triangle and bind securely. Repeat with the other 3 twigs.
2. Place the two triangles in a Star of David alignment with the triangles facing opposite directions. Bind these together securely.
3. Place herbs, sprigs and stems along the twigs as looks most beautiful to you! When you are satisfied with the placement, use the florist wire to securely bind them to the twigs.
3. If you wish to hang the star, attach string or twine to a single point and you're done!
Learn more about herbal wreaths here:
*2nd Star by Amy Begun Saab

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