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Happy Earth Day! - Celebrate with Lemon Balm for Herbal Wisdom Wednesday <3

Hi dear ones!

Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and #herbalwisdomwednesday as the rain freshens and renews us, we give thanks to this beautiful world for supporting the lives of all of its beings....even in dire times.  

Earth Day/Arbor Day Specials and more!

We may be sheltered in place but we can still give back to our unique and special planet.  You can find digital events to participate in here, or find your own connection from home. We want to show our support for all of you giving love to Mama Earth by offering 10% off all Jonsteen Seed Kits and Live Trees, all Gardening, Herbal Info, Botany and Plant ID books, and the Millenial Gaia statues from Earth Day on April 22nd through Arbor Day on April 26th.

We will also have a drawing for one of 3 prizes! All online/phone orders from Sunday 4/19 - Sunday 4/26 will be entered for a chance to win one of our 3 wonderful prizes. The Planthunter book by Georgina Reid, The Garden in Every Sense & Season by Tovah Martin or a Cherry Blossom Seed Kit from local Jonsteen Company.


Lemon Balm Love

Common Name: Lemon Balm
Latin Name: Melissa officinalis 
Family Name: Lamiaceae 
     Lemon balm is a common herb in the mint family. It thrives in moist soil in different climates ranging from inland to closer to the ocean. Lemon balm grows in small bushes and ranges in color from a deep dark green to a light lime like green. The leaves have serrated edges and a square stem. It is easily identified by its bright lemony smell when crushed or slightly rubbed. The plant is self seeding so be ware, if planted it may take over your whole garden bed. 
     The Blurb: A nervine and an anti viral? Yes! Lemon balm is an amazing herb especially for all that’s going on in the world right now. While not overly sedating, lemon balm is a great herb to help you find your feet when stress and worry take over. Lemon balm is often mixed with other herbs for an evening time tea for sleep or stress management or in tincture form. The citrus smell of lemon balm is very uplifting and mind clearing, allowing for calm and focused thinking. Nervines that are calming and uplifting are very important to have on hand. Stressed from school or work or all the uncertainty? Lemon balm tea to the rescue! The aroma will keep your mind at ease while your body can take a deep breath and focus on the task at hand. It’s also a great anti viral. A very common use for lemon balm is for herpes. The essential oil (use with precaution like any other essential oils) is found in a lot of topical relief blends for cold sores. You can even make a poultice of fresh lemon balm for quick relief and action against a cold sore. Lemon balm also grows very well in our community and spreads fast. Incorporate it into your daily life for stress relief and to have on hand for its strong anti viral properties which is very needed in the world we’re living in today. Lemon balm is also tasty, so have fun making cookies or pesto with lemon balm added in for some extra citrusy notes. Generally safe for pregnant women, but as always use precognition when using a new herb. 

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  • Deborah Boni on

    Hello! and thank-you for all you do in our community. I enjoyed the lemon balm article, but am wondering if you have any tips for growing it? Mine is not doing much, just lanky with not many leaves. Any ideas? Will be so happy to see you in the future when we are released from isolation!

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