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John Bauer Tarot - Tarot & Tea

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A new addition to the Moonrise Tarot collection! The gorgeous works of Swedish artist John Bauer draw you deeply into the world of this non-traditional deck.

While everyone feels a unique draw to different decks, we would probably recommend this deck to an intermediate-advanced reader or someone very comfortable doing intuitive readings.  The art is strongly based in Scandinavian folklore and having a background or knowledge of these tales would be very helpful in reading from this deck.

Danusha Goska gives a fantastic review here.

I feel drawn to explore this deck with a nice hot cup of delicious Currant Turmeric Rose tea. Containing: Organic Black Tea, Rose Petals, Tumeric, Chili Flakes, Blackcurrant Leaf, Cornflower, and Natural Black Currant Flavors -   This beautiful but unlikely combination of warming, heart and mind-opening, purifying, and protective herbs can put you in a wonderfully receptive place to get to know this unique deck.

Find the John Bauer Tarot here:

And the Currant Turmeric Rose Tea here:


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