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Love Day Recipes from Moonrise!

Happy Friday, Moonbeams!  As it is the Friday before Valentine’s Day and we are all about increasing the love, we would like to share a few lusciously love-able recipes with you.  Feel free to change them as you need to in suiting your own particular needs.  If you make them, let us know!  We’d love to hear how they turned out!


Aphrodisia Citra-Rosa Essential Oil Blend

5 drops Bergamot essential oil

5 drops Rose Absolute e.o. or an infused Rose oil is fine

3 drops Rose Geranium

3 drops Petitgrain e.o.

2-3 drops Black Pepper e.o.

1-3 drops Frankincense e.o.


Place all e.o. drops above in a glass container (at least 2oz) of your favorite base oil.  This can be Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Sesame, Avocado, etc.  Place on your pulse points or use as a massage oil to uplift your mood and turn up the heat!


Rose Vanilla Honey

Enjoy this in tea, on toast, or straight from the spoon!


1 tablespoon powdered rose petals

½ vanilla bean

½ cup raw, local honey


Slice open the vanilla bean and scrape out the little black vanilla seeds. Mix rose petals, vanilla seeds, and honey in a jar. Let infuse for a few days or a week and then enjoy!


Kiva Rose’s “Wild” Rose Elixir

1 pint Mason jar
Fresh wild or domestic rose petals to fill your jar

A little less than 1 pint of good quality brandy (or vodka. if using higher proof booze dilute with 50% water)
Approximately 1/3 pint of raw honey

  1. Fill your jar with fresh rose petals. They don’t have to be packed down, but they should fill the jar so that there isn’t a lot of empty space.
  2. If you don’t have enough rose petals to fill the jar, you could add some bee balm petals, chopped fresh ginger, zest of orange, lime, or lemon, etc.
  3. Next, add honey to coat the rose petals and fill about 1/3 of the jar. Add brandy or other alcohol to the top of the jar. Place plastic wrap over the top and then screw on your metal lid. (if you don’t your mixture might start tasting metallic. Alcohol and roses are particularly adept at taking on those flavors) Allow to sit in a cool, dark place for 3-6 weeks before using.

*You can find more from the amazing Kiva Rose at her blog:


Schi-ZAAM Harmonizing Herbal Wine

*Original recipe from Stephanie Tourles’ Making Love Potions

½ cup dried Schisandra berries

¼ cup dried Hawthorn berries

2 medium Ginseng roots or 3 tablespoons Eleuthro root

1 bottle of your favorite red wine


Combine herbs in 32oz jar and cover with wine.  Shake vigorously to blend and allow to steep for about 4 weeks.  When the time is right, strain out the herbs and pour your herbal wine back into the original bottle.  Enjoy as a daily tonic or as a treat for a special night!

*Optional: We know Ginseng is precious, so you can put aside the roots to place back into your wine for a stronger boost!



And here is a very sweet article on our beloved Rose for Valentine’s Day by John Frink of the Self-Heal School for Herbal Studies.


A final note:  All these recipes are wonderful to make on your own, with a group or your special partner any time of year, so go for it!  Making your own herbal blends is so fun and empowering and at Moonrise Herbs herbal self-empowerment is something we truly believe in.  As with any project, please use common sense and caution. Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns about any of the blends or herbs, we are here to help!  Call or email us any time!


You can find our vibrant dried herbs for your passionate potions here

And organic essential oils here

The lovely and useful Making Love Potions book by Stephanie Tourles is available here


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