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Seasonal Affective Disorder & Flower Essences - Flower Essence Friday

Greetings, sweet moonbeams and welcome back to Flower Essence Friday. Although, today turned out to be a lovely, if brisk, day here in Arcata, as we dive deeper into the winter months we are sure to be seeing more gloomy days without sun. This got me thinking about Seasonal Affective Disorder and how it can effect our physical and emotional being in these darker months.
Vitamin D3 and Fish Oil are classic supplements that may help relieve this condition, and many 5-HTP, light therapy, and increased sauna use to be helpful as well.
Another modality you may not think much about is flower essences! These gentle but powerful healers may be just what is needed to help you find balance and to radiate your own inner light in these cold & dark days!
Although it is worth delving more deeply to find the best blend that is personally suited to you, here are some general suggestions from Kyra Mesich, Psy.D. that may help:
-Rosemary brings positive qualities of a warm physical presence, full embodiment into the physical body, and a feeling of vibrant incarnation.
-Chamomile helps the personality shift toward emotional balance with a serene, sun-like disposition.
-Saint John’s Wort helps us balance the effects of too much or too little light. It provides protection and strength for sensitive people’s psyche and can be helpful for those deprived of light, such as in Seasonal Affective Disorder.
You can find more info on SAD here:
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