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Seven of Cups - Tarot & Tea

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Hello again, Moonbeams! Welcome to this week's edition of Tarot & Tea. Our card for today is the dreamy Seven of Cups. This card traditionally depicts a figure who is contemplating seven floating cups which hold a variety of different things. Here is a person with a lot of options to consider! Not all of what's on offer is beneficial or realistic, so we must be careful in determining what's actually feasible for us. On the flip side, it doesn't necessarily hurt to daydream sometimes; we must remain in touch with our imagination because it can open us up to possibilities that we could not see through a more practical lens. While exploring a world of fantasy, we just need be careful not to lose our grip on what really matters. The appearance of this card in a reading not only alludes to delusional thought patterns, but also suggests overindulgent behavior and is associated with all manners of debauchery. A loss of self-control is typical with the Seven of Cups, so be careful not to allow yourself to become destructive to yourself or others. Beware of the party trap: regular indulgence can evolve unnoticed into indolence or addiction. Go ahead and play, daydream, enjoy life... Just don't forget to ground yourself!


The tea blend I've picked out to match the Seven of Cups is my signature Moonrise blend, Party Time. This is an herbal brew which serves the function of a so-called “social lubricant”, both relaxing and highly stimulating. At last, here is a high-vibe alternative to drugs or alcohol in party setting! Two powerfully euphoric medicines, caffeinated Cacao nibs and muscle-relaxing Kava Kava root, form the basis of this fun formula. Rose hips bring loving vibes and encourage dancing! Spicy Ginger rhizome enhances our sense of excitement and passion. Demulcent Licorice root chills out this fiery blend a bit and serves on a magickal level to increase personal confidence. Sassafras is an empathetic herb containing a large amount of oxytocin, a neurotransmitter which allows us to bond with those around us on an emotional level. Cinnamon bark is a classic component of love spells and adds a tasty kick to this formula. Cloves are used magickally to increase confidence and enhance friendships, plus have the added party-relevant benefit of discouraging gossip. Overall, Party Time is tremendously heart-opening and mood-enhancing, in addition to being subtly mind-altering. This tea is sure to get you in party mode, but it won't mess you all up.


Our featured deck for this week is the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. Beautifully illustrated with great detail, this deck is an absolute vision of loveliness. Inspired by goddesses throughout history and across the globe, the Goddess Tarot offers a wonderful opportunity for those interested in exploring the spiritual path of the Divine Feminine. This deck depicts each Major Arcana card as a time-honored goddess who possesses qualities similar to traditional meaning of the card. This format makes the Goddess Tarot a unique and valuable tool for learning about goddesses and Tarot side-by-side. It's no wonder why this has been a favored deck of goddess-worshippers for over twenty years!


#moonriseherbs #sevenofcups #goddesstarot #discernment #debauchery #daydream #partytimetea #euphoria #goodtimesgoodjudgement

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