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Stay Optimistic #tarot&tea

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Happy Moonday the Juneteenth and welcome back to Tarot & Tea! After these past few gorgeous days of summer sunshine, the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle from Doreen Virtue seemed the perfect choice for our pre-Summer Solstice reading. This deck is not only beautiful, capturing the beauty and joy of mermaids and dolphins perfectly, but 10% of the royalties go to Oceana, an international conservation organization dedicated to restoring and protecting the world's oceans!
Today the cards decided that we needed to "STAY OPTIMISTIC" this week. We have been through so much but this card reminds us not to give up just as our dreams are coming true. Keep the faith, have patience and perhaps it is a good time to utilize some guided meditative action. "Use your imagination to visualize that your dreams have already come true. Your heart will swell with gratitude and joy, and these emotions will speed up your desired manifestations. Before long, you'll be enjoying the tangible results."
Our tea recommendation to aid in your heartfull, positive visualizations is our Positivi-Tea with a dash of Mugwort leaf. This blend of Tulsi Basil (also called Holy Basil), Lemon Verbena, Rose petals, Spearmint, Cinnamon Chips, and Codonopsis Root will enliven and uplift your spirits while the dash of Mugwort will aid the strength of your visualizations.
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