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The Devil & Three of Wands - Tarot & Tea

Happy Moon-day and welcome back to Tarot & Tea! This week, we’ve doubled the fun and pulled two cards for you all. The first card is maybe a bit too much fun, actually: The Devil can represent fun to the point of wild debauchery, as well as dark impulses and obsessive behaviors. He is a great warning to us this Halloween season to spiritually protect ourselves and stay conscious of our own unhealthy tendencies. I’ve chosen to pair my current favorite tea here at Moonrise, Aztec Spice, with this card. Why? Organic Pu-erh, Cinnamon, Honeybush, Cacao nibs, Safflower and Chili Flakes combine to make this spicy chocolate tea devilishly delightful!
Thankfully, the second card is quite a bit less intimidating! The Page of Wands is a character steeped in playful energy and childlike enthusiasm. When we spot the Page of Wands in a reading, we are reminded to wholeheartedly pursue what genuinely excites us in life. Confidence, courage, and creativity are what this card is all about. Be adventurous and follow your heart! Our tea blend for this card is Fly Me High, an uplifting formula to provide you with that extra boost of can-do attitude: Oatstraw, Lemon Balm, Lemongrass, Nettle, Borage, Fo-Ti, Orange peel, Ginger, and Lavender. Nourishing, soothing, and vitalizing, Fly Me High brings out the childlike enthusiasm in us all.
Our featured Tarot deck this week is the dark and whimsical Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza. “Illuminated with the haunting glow of moonlight, Deviant Moon Tarot dares to explore the darker places of our inner psyche and the outer limits of our imagination. Set against the surreal backdrops of abandoned buildings and graveyards, the tradition Tarot characters are given a stylized twist. Deviant Moon Tarot delivers the profound message of the Tarot with evocative symbolism and compelling imagery.”
You can find our devilishly delicious Aztec Spice blend here:
and our Fly Me High blend here:
The Deviant Moon Tarot is available here:
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