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Ace of Swords - Tarot & Tea

Ace of Swords Mental Clarity Tarot of the Cat People tarot&tea

Hello, Moonbeams! We're glad to have you back for our weekly Tarot & Tea. Today's card is the Ace of Swords. Consider this card the sword of Truth that cuts through all illusion. Dispelling doubts, the Ace of Swords brings the bright light of clarity into any situation. Reality is separated from fantasy only when we analyze a situation objectively. The Ace of Swords applies logic and reason, planting the seed of clear understanding within our mind. A great need for justice accompanies this growing discernment—the Ace of Swords demands fairness. The energy of this card champions any just cause, as drawing the line between right and wrong is its primary focus. Never shying away from a challenge, the Ace of Swords confronts hurdles head-on. This card tells us that we have what it takes to surmount obstacles, face adversity, and resolve problems in an ethical manner. When this card turns up in a reading, consider how you might use it to cut through issues in your life with the power of profound mental clarity.


The Moonrise tea blend that I've match to the Ace of Swords is Brainy Brew. Stimulating without caffeine, Brainy Brew is the ideal tea to drink while studying, attending a lecture, or doing any activity which requires mental focus. It's also great for just clearing a foggy mind and adding a little pep to your step on those groggy days. Ginko and Gotu Kola, two of the most famous cognition-enhancing herbs, provide the basis for this formula. Detoxifying Burdock, clarifying Peppermint, stimulating Ginger, empowering Licorice, and tasty Cardamom assist our body's ability to support our mind. Rosemary, the final ingredient of Brainy Brew, is a well-known herb and yet little-known nootropic, enhancing both memory and mental acuity.

This week's featured deck is Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall. This is truly one of the most unique decks I've seen! Based in a fascinating, imaginary place known as the Outer Regions, Tarot of the Cat people depicts an interplanetary society of cat worshipers, divided into five separate kingdoms: the Diamond Kingdom of the Sky People (depicted as the Major Arcana), Ruby Kingdom of the Fire People (the suit of Swords), Emerald Kingdom of the Sand People (the suit of Wands), Topaz Kingdom of the Salt People (the suit of Cups), and the Sapphire Kingdom of the Rock People (the suit of Pentacles). The entire mythology of the Outer Regions is revealed in Kuykendall's book, Tarot of the Cat People: A Traveler's Report. The richness of lore surrounding Tarot of the Cat People makes it ideal for those who enjoy fantasy and science fiction. And although there is an entire world to explore behind the Tarot of the Cat People, the deck is traditionally formatted and easy to use—one does not need to understand the story of the Outer Regions in order to appreciate this beautifully-illustrated and highly functional Tarot deck.


Find the funky and fabulous Tarot of the Cat People here:


And our super-effective Brainy Brew Tea can be found here:


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