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Eight of Pentacles - Tarot & Tea

Greetings, Moonbeams! Here we are together again for another installment of Tarot & Tea with Jessika TuCrow. Today’s card is the prudent Eight of Pentacles. This card is a card of diligent workmanship and attention to detail. The message here is that we really need to focus our attention and apply ourselves totally to the task at hand. This is a good time to pursue greater understanding by intensive research. Perhaps try enrolling in a course of study in order to increase your expertise, or receive some training to learn a new craft. Whatever we do now, we must be extra careful and thorough. Give nothing less than 110%! A methodical, meticulous approach to our work will benefit us with the success for which we are striving at this time.


This week’s tea blend, perfectly paired to the Eight of Pentacles, is our delicious Brainy Brew. Gingko, Gotu Kola, Burdock, Peppermint, Ginger, Licorice, Cardamom, and Rosemary collaborate to provide you the focus and energy boost you need to get the job done right. This blend boosts mental acuity and stamina, keeping you alert so that you can get in that late night of study or stay sharp at work. Tasty as a warm cuppa and delightful as an iced tea, this stimulating brew is bound to give you that extra help to keep your eyes on the prize.


The deck I chose to work with this week is Tarot of a Moon Garden. This imaginative deck is vibrantly colored and features a fantasy motif. The cards depict a mystical world inhabited by butterflies, dolphins, unicorns, dragons, exotic birds and magical figures. The innocent radiance this deck exudes feels fresh and young, making it the perfect gift for a child or adolescent just embarking on their journey into the Tarot.


Find the Tarot of a Moon Garden here:


And our ever-poplar Brainy Brew tea can be found here:


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