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Remembrance Ritual

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Memorial Day is coming up and for those who follow the witch way or those who would like a simple observance for those they've lost, this uncomplicated ritual from runic-daydream may help you help you toward sense of connection, comfort & peace.

You will need

  • A candle– White is a good all-purpose candle but you can also use one in the favorite color of your loved one or multiple candles if you feel called to.

  • A photo or drawing of the person who's passed.  If you don't have one, you can write their name on some paper.

Optional items:

  • A small trinket/object that reminds you of the person

  • Crystals: runic recommends using a crystal that reminds you of or signifies your loved one.  Rose quartz and clear quartz also work wonderfully.

  • Use your preferred cleansing herbs to clear the space and to clear & center your mind & energy. Lavender, rosemary, juniper, frankincense, myrrh, etc.


  • Before beginning, perform any cleansing rituals, meditation, or centering you may like to do. If it is in line with your method of practice, create a protective circle around your altar/working space.

  • Set up the photo of the person in front of you, by the candle(s)

  • Light the candle(s)

  • For as long as you need, settle yourself until your mind is calm and clear, then say:                                                                                                   “By the beauty of this world, and all that awaits us in the next, I remember my dear (friend/sister/brother/mother/etc). I call them to me, and honor their memory.”

  • Now is the time when you can connect with your loved one. Gaze & conenctrate on the photo, hold the item you brought, maybe talk to them or write them a note if you feel like it. If you feel awkward at first, try recounting a favorite memory you shared, or telling them how much you love and miss them. Take as long for this as you like.

  • When you feel ready to finish the spell, say your goodbyes to your loved one, then say:                                                                                              “I bid you farewell, dear (sister/friend/etc,) for now. I feel your blessing and send you my own. Until we meet again.”

  • Blow out the candle(s).  If you have created a protective circle, remember to close it appropriately. 

We wish you all serene comfort and healthy closure and, for those who are traveling, we wish you a safe journey.  Take care.

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