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The Chariot - Tarot & Tea

Hey, Moonbeams! Welcome back for more Tarot & Tea. This week’s card, pulled from the Haindl Tarot, is The Chariot. This card is about taking control of our situation in order to ensure that we come out on top. A card of willpower and victory, The Chariot teaches us how to assert our interests by concentrating energy on our goal without allowing ourselves to become distracted. The Chariot card is also about personal identity. When we truly know who we are, self-confidence comes naturally and this gains us momentum in achieving our goals. Have faith in yourself; being a little ego-driven is not always a bad thing. Assume the reigns of power in your life and go for the gold!

Since springtime is basically here and many of us are currently fighting to gain control over those extra pounds we might have picked up over winter, the tea blend I have paired with The Chariot is our Diet Tea. Chickweed, Elderberry, Ginger root, Orange peel, Burdock root, Dandelion Root, Sencha green tea, Chia seeds, Fennel seeds, and Fenugreek come together to help you reach your weight loss goal. Chickweed has been shown to break up fat within the body while Burdock and Dandelion improve fat metabolism and assist us in eliminating excess fat from our system. Chia and Sencha work in different ways to boost metabolism and suppress appetite. Overall, this tea can aid digestion, cleanse the system, burn fat, and stop food cravings so that we can shed pounds to achieve our healthiest body weight.


The deck I chose to work with this week is my personal deck, The Haindl Tarot. Enigmatic and strangely gorgeous, this is a serious deck for the serious practitioner. Painted in dark earth tones, the muted color palate leaves this deck feeling heavy and solemn. The profound intricacies of the symbolism included in this deck contribute to its grave impression. The court cards are named as Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter rather than the traditional royal attributions and the four elemental suits are represented by different cultures: Wands are Hindu, Cups are Celtic/Nordic, Swords are Egyptian, and Stones are Native American. Although influenced by the Thoth Tarot, The Haindl is remarkably unique. This is a powerful choice for advanced readers and for Tarot meditation.


Find the Haindl Tarot here:


And our very own Diet Tea here:


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