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Wheel of Fortune - Tarot & Tea

Hey, Moonbeams! Thanks for stopping in for our weekly Tarot & Tea. This week, I’ve drawn from the Love is in the Earth Crystal Tarot that I found hiding in the bottom of our Tarot box. The card I’ve pulled is number 10 of the Major Arcana: the fateful Wheel of Fortune. This card lets us know that we cannot be in control of all the events coming to us now. There is an element of fate that factors into our lives. The Wheel of Fortune carries with it a sense of divinely ordained destiny, as if there is some cosmic intelligence behind the wheel’s spin. This card can be read, quite literally, as a turning point. We may be in for a drastic alteration in course when we see the Wheel of Fortune come up. Regardless of which way the wheel is turning, one thing is for certain—it turns! This card is a reminder that all things change and life moves on. Try as we might, not one of us can stop the march of time. Additionally, the Wheel of Fortune encourages us to see the connections between all things. Each event that takes place along the way is a part of the greater story being told. In realizing this, we can become more aware of our unique role in things. The Wheel of Fortune propels us into discovery of our soul purpose.


For tea this week, the Love is in the Earth Crystal Tarot has inspired me to touch on the use of crystals for the energetic enhancement of medicinal teas. I often drop a crystal or two into my cup, chosen by the therapeutic properties of the stone. For instance, try adding a tumbled Amethyst to our Peaceful Tea or Rose Quartz to some Luscious Love. This is a fantastic way to gain the benefits of crystal therapy without the need to prepare a crystal elixir. In order to derive the most benefit from your crystal tea, make sure to cleanse and charge your crystals before use. It is tremendously important to understand that NOT ALL CRYSTALS ARE SAFE for use in this way!! Some crystals are “soft”, meaning they might dissolve in water, and many contain toxic minerals and heavy metals that we definitely don’t want in our tea. Here is a list of some that are unsafe for use in tea:


I’ve already mentioned a couple of times with what deck I’ve been working. The Love is in the Earth Crystal Tarot caught my attention and I could not resist giving it a try. It’s very clearly based on Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, utilizing much the same imagery within the cards of the Minor Arcana. This deck interprets the suits as variations on crystals: Wands, Bowls, Spheres, and Lasers. The style of the artwork is simplistic but ripe with occult symbolism: the Holy Qabalah, Tree of Life, Masonic mysteries, sacred geometry, and the mineral kingdom. This is actually a pretty serious deck—“The Tarot for the Millennium.” Although we don’t currently carry it here at Moonrise Herbs, I recommend this deck to any crystal lover looking for a deck with deep roots in Western occultism.


You can find our Tumbled Stones here:


Our Peaceful Tea can be found here:


And the delectable Luscious Love blend:


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